Types of Funeral Services

Funeral Service Options

 types of funeral services

Rankins has been a part of our multicultural community since 1963 and over the past 60 years, we have had the privilege of arranging many traditional, cultural, and religious funerals.

Over the years how families celebrate the lives of their loved ones has changed. Rankins is able to accommodate special requests for personal touches to a funeral service to allow families to honour their loved one in a meaningful and personal way. 

See our special funeral features for extra touches to personalise your service.

Contact us today to discuss ideas for creating a beautiful and personal farewell for your loved one.


We know Religious and Cultural Funerals

The team at Rankins Funerals knows and understands various reigious and cultural practices. We are very flexible and can help to organise with your church or other religious organisation. 

In particular, the team at Rankins understands the different needs of different cultures. For more information on how we address religious and cultural needs, you can contact us. Having served the local community for so long, Rankins Funerals is experienced and can assist in the organisation of religious clergy, church funerals, religous music, choirs and burial.  

Rankins Funerals is prepared for most types of funerals.