Pre-Plan Funeral Options

Living a good life is something we all aim to do.

As you get older, part of living a good life involves having all your ‘life-admin’ in order and planning ahead for the end of your life so your wishes are honoured.

Our funeral directors notice a marked difference in the levels of anxiety experienced by loved ones when some form of pre-planning has taken place.

Planning ahead brings peace of mind to you and your family and reduces the financial burden when it comes time to arrange your funeral.

Planning ahead can be as simple as having a discussion with your family and letting them know what you want to happen when you die.

This is your opportunity to make sure your wishes are known.

You could discuss the type of memorial or funeral service you’d like, the music you’d like played, and anything else that is important to you.


Here are some ways you can plan ahead for your funeral

1. Pre-plan your funeral

You can create a pre-plan for your funeral.

This involves completing paperwork required by Births, Deaths, and Marriages and documenting aspects of your funeral, that you want to have.

Learn more about creating a funeral pre-plan

2. Invest in funeral bonds to dedicate funds to pay for your funeral

A funeral bonds is one way you can invest your money to build funds for your future funeral.

Unlike funeral insurance, you don’t lose any money you put into funeral bonds if you stop making contributions. The money is yours and will be available when your family needs to arrange your funeral.

Learn the benefits of funeral bonds here


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