Questions to discuss with your loved ones

Ask yourself these questions and discuss them with your family.

It may seem like a lot to organise, but keep in mind we are here to help you.

Will there be a burial, cremation or entombment?

This is an important first question to discuss. Wether you choose a cremation, burial or entombment will impact on the type of funeral service, locations, coffins and caskets, finances and more.

For this reason, we highly recommend that you already have this information ready when you meet with your Funeral Arranger. If you cannot or if you have question, then please ask you Arranger to help you.


Where Will The Funeral Ceremony Take Place?

You can ask your Funeral Arranger for advice on location but it will be influenced by a range of variables. Funeral type, religous affiliation and personal preference are all important factors.

Further, you location may need to meet other requirements. For example. the anticipated size of the service and the needs of those attending. Your Funeral arranger can offer suggestions and work with you to decide on a location.

Who Will Lead the Funeral?

While other options are available, often a family will opt for a member of the clergy or a celebrant to lead a funeral. This can be for religous reasons and also for the guidance of an experienced professional. Funerals are difficult and leading a funeral is often too much for grieving families.

Alternatively, families will sometimes ask a family member or friend to lead the service. This can be a beautiful send of for a loved one. If you would like the services of a member of the clergy or a celebrant, please inform your Arranger. 

Which Coffin or Casket?

At Rankins Funerals, we have a range of coffins and caskets. Options vary from environmentally friendly, to luxurious, to classic.

You can view our Coffins and Caskets on our website. Otherwise, you can select a coffin or casket in our chapel, located at:

270 Cowper Street, Warrawong, NSW, 2502



What Music will be played?

Music is a very personal aspect of a funeral. In some cases, the deceased will have made it clear as to the music to be played. Other times the family will decide upon music that deceased enjoyed. Other times, it is music which represents the life of the deceased.

If you have an idea of music, your arranger can help you to prepare it for the funeral service. 


Will there be a eulogy?

Preparing a Eulogy can be difficult, as can reading one at a funeral. For this reason, families may choose for the celebrant, clergy, another family member or friend to read the Eulogy. 

Funeral Poetry or Funeral Hymns are also often incorporated into the Eulogy. Preparing earlier can lead to the best send off for a loved one.


The dress of the deceased?

The final dressing of a loved one is often prepared by our professional mortuary team but some families prepare to do so themselves. 

Coming prepared with the appropriate dress, jewelery and accessories will help with preparations for the funeral and offer peace of mind to the family.


Will there be live music?

The team at Rankins Funerals can assist you in organising for a live music performance. This can take the form of a pianist, organist, bagpiper or musician of your choice. Religious organisations may also recommend or require a certain musician


Will there be viewings, prayers, or private goodbyes?

This is highly personal. Often the religion and culture of the deceased will decide this factor. In terms of the funeral, these may be held before or after and to a select group of people.